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Police OVERBOARD on Domestic “Assault”

We all know that things have become out of hand with the crazy laws that police have to enforce regarding domestics BUT this takes the Emmy. The so called “assault” the weapons were, are you sitting down, Cheetos. Yes, you read that right Cheetos, the cheese that goes crunch.

Some how a verbal altercation “escalated” to assault with “Cheetos.” If nothing else proves that the domestic laws have become out of hand $2,500 bail for both the male and female is a fine example. Good going Shelbyville Tennessee Bedford County Sheriffs Department for making a mockery of our laws. You have done more for to put a screeching halt to the frivolous law making about domestics then any activists have in the last two decades.

BTW, no one was hurt. Ya think? I am shocked that no one was killed.

If you can stomach the real article here it is.


4 Responses to “Police OVERBOARD on Domestic “Assault””

  1. How was the assault made, she tried to make him eat the stuff?

  2. That would be assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder, LOL


  3. You have to admit that the tiger on the pack looks bloody dangerous!

  4. Yeah, he is a “biker” and wearing a helmet. LOL


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