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Household Property Laws Mean Trouble

There is s new trend of laws being passed regarding domestics that are going to be nothing but trouble. They are “household property laws.” This means that if you break something while angry you will be arrested. ALBUQUERQUE Gov. Bill Richardson praised the strides that have been made against domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault. One of the three laws that passed in NM makes damaging household property in an attempt to harass a household member a crime. The article can be seen HERE.

My reply on their site is as follows:

“This article conspicuously does not mention how many men were helped. This is the “dirty little secret that domestic abuse programs like to hide. If tax money is used both men and women are to have equal access to the program.

New York has passed the household property law also. If it is my property I have the right to damage it if I wish, the same goes for any one who owns the property. This is just another law that can be abused. Say someone had a swing set for ten years and the couple had an argument, the man goes to the back yard to cool off and remove the swing set that he has been meaning to do anyway. Now it is a crime because he destroyed property and put it in the trash. A reasonable person must realize that the other half being angry enough will use this against the party that they are angry with. This law is nothing but trouble.”


2 Responses to “Household Property Laws Mean Trouble”

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  2. State, local and federal goverment get the hell out of our lives.

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