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No Mention of Hate Crime, Again
Notice the black power symbol? Defiant to the end.

I love to say "I told you so" so I told you so. Five of the "Jena Six" apparently going to plea guilty to lesser charges. The short article makes no mention of a “hate crime” when clearly this was a “hate crime.” The way a hate crime works is that there is a “penalty enhancement.” This means that an assault 2 becomes an assault 1. This in and of itself negates the “plea down” scenario which these people were apparently granted.

As I said HERE (Oppression of the White Male; Hate Crime Legislation), and HERE (Hate Crime? Yes, but it is Not Mentioned) I feared that this law would diminish the value of my white heterosexual son’s life and this case proves exactly what I was saying. I know that many thought me to be Chicken Little claiming that the sky was falling, but now it can not be denied that the sky is falling. This directly and purposely violates the 14th Amendment.

When are people going to wake up and oppose this UNCONSTITUTIONAL law?

Case closed.

Let me get one more thing straight, When a black person is a victim there is a civil rights protest, and when black people are the accused criminals, there is a civil rights protest. This seems to be that this is the classic “playing the race card.”



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