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False Rape Tattoo Accusation

Listen to the lies in this video

Really it is true. It seems that women have taken false accusations to a different venue. Now if you do anything that upsets your parents, in this case father, just say that the male tattoo artist did more to you than you asked for because he took advantage of you while you were sleeping. Um I do not know if you have ever had a tattoo but the noise of the machine (that close to the ear) and wiping of the blood, the pressure applied to the skin, and the pain itself will keep you awake. If that is not enough for you I am sure that a tattoo artist who charged you for 3 tattoos would give you another 53 free, hmmmm. This should have been a transparent excuse from the start but NOOOOOOOO, we as a society can never take the word of a mere man over that of an 18 year old woman who disappointed her father. That is another issue. She is referred to as a teen, when an 18 “boy” or “teen” does something wrong he is referred to as a man.

I have tattoo’s (none on my face, it is after all it is ugly enough). Imagine my surprise when Kimberley Vlaeminck’s father was upset when he saw her face. So what was her course of action? You get one guess. She cried “victim” and it stuck. She said she only wanted 3 stars. It is hard to imagine that her father would not have objected to 3 tattoos on her face. What would she have said then? Same story I am sure, or that she was tied down and forcibly tattooed.

I would be upset if my daughter got her face tattooed and I do not have a problem with tattoos. The point is that we are so ready to believe that a woman is not responsible for her own bad decisions and so willing to point the finger at some man in her life. More astounding is that we as a society are then surprised at the continued and growing problem of our young and any woman’s bad decisions. It never ceases to amaze me.


Now Rouslan Toumaniantz (the tattoo artist) is going to require a written release from all his clients. Smart move that he probably should have thought of in the first place given the current state of society, but then again it shows that he is the better person by previously trusting his clients.

So how is this any different than making up 2 b/m’s that abducted you and your child? Why are white men no all in ire about this false report? The fact is that this is different because when the “bag guys” are made up there is no one EVER to prosicute because they do not exist. The problem is that this man is real and he could have suffered dire consequeses that include but are not limited to loss of his license, prison, loss of work, loss of income, loss of trust, loss of freedom, etc.

What was done to her for the false report? Apparently nothing. She ought to thank Rouslan Toumaniantz for being such a decent guy by not taking legal action against her.

In the good ol’ U S of A this should or should I say would hae been considered a hate crime male vs. female but would it be considered after her confession a hate crime because it was female vs. male, some how I doubt it.


2 Responses to “False Rape Tattoo Accusation”

  1. I don’t know why people get tattoos. They were the trendy thing to do during the 90’s and thought of my peers as poseurs for getting them. It’s one thing if you have some pics of yourself with some awful hairdo, or a pair of bell-bottomed pants tucked away in your closet somewhere. But a tattoo, that’s for life! And the laser treatments are still not that good, especially for something like what this girl did to herself.

    This is why liberalism is so dangerous on the young. They’re impressionable, and follow trends and role models. Then they go and do stupid things like getting a facefull of star tattoos. Or doing drugs, or something else that may not be as visibly dangerous but have just-as-impactful, long-term effects on their life. Glad I grew up in the 80’s when we were taught to “just say no” and have some self-esteem and independence!

  2. Of course, I’m not a biker or in the navy or any cultures that tattoos are part of – I’m talking about teens and young adults like this girl who are just getting tattoos because “it’s cool, man,” just to make myself clear.

    If I were in the Marines or something, I’d probably would have gotten a tattoo. If I were a Maori from New Zealand, I might have gotten a tattoo on my face – BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE MY CULTURE! This girl should be suing her liberal teachers who taught her to think like this. And stop with the smoking, too!

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