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Fr. Frank Pavone Says “Men Choose Abortion”

Here is a real gem from a Staten Island priest. I posted his whole article in fear that it might be removed because his outlandish assertions.

Hey John from Staten Island, he is yours, please keep him there. LOL

Please reply to the good father HERE

3 Responses to “Fr. Frank Pavone Says “Men Choose Abortion””

  1. Fr. Pavone is correct, some men do choose abortion over having the baby when they find out their woman is pregnant.

    Even though women have the final say in the matter, the man can choose to leave the relationship if she goes against his desire. That can be a deciding factor in a woman’s choice.

    It goes the other way, too, when a woman aborts but the man wants the child.

    I don’t think Fr. Pavone is looking to demonize men with this article, he’s just addressing one factor in the abortion argument.

  2. NewsGuy,

    You think so? I suppose that is possible but I do disagree that the man can
    “just leave” if she goes against his desire. This comes into play if he does not want her to have the child and she chooses to have the child. The court system will make sure he pays child support (which is of course the right thing to do but he has no say in the matter.) No matter what I believe that the guy is more on the hook than the woman because again she gets to have the final say no matter what the outcome.

    See, this is why I like you guys so much at The Right Perspective, we do not always have to see eye to eye and you are not afraid to give constructive criticism (perspective LOL) even to your supporters, thanks it is appreciated.


  3. Thanks, bikerbernie.

    The thing is, yes, the men will be on the hook for child support, but women still want their man to be there, physically supporting her and being a father for the child (generally speaking, of course). There is less of a social stigmatization of a child being a “bastard” but it’s still looked down upon – maybe not as shamefully as it once was, but more pitifully these days. The social term “single mother” lessens the blow but it’s always attached to horrible statistics that show how difficult raising a child in a one-parent household really is.

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