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Good News out of Australia, Husband Beating on the Rise

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I am not being facetious, it is good news. The DV is not the good news but the fact that the police are taking men more seriously that women are actually perpetrators of DV. THE ARTICLE from makes a statement that there is no explanation for the sudden rise in the attacks made by women but it does mention that the police are taking male victims more seriously. Speaking of missing the obvious. It is not that there is a sudden rise it is that finally men are being considered victims. DUH!

They also have recognized that alcohol plays a role and that women tend to use weapons, guns, knives, irons, and boiling liquids. What a shocking discovery made by them.

Now if we can only get the good ol’ U S of A to follow suit, I would feel a whole lot better about my son’s future and the way he will be treated by the legal system.


5 Responses to “Good News out of Australia, Husband Beating on the Rise”

  1. Good to hear that police are taking men’s complaints more seriously.

    Although women abuse men more emotionally rather than physically, and our definitions of abuse are still centered on the physical. Of course, it is easier to prove physical abuse than emotional abuse.

  2. NewsGuy,

    You are dead on there, women also like to spend too much money, hide bills, ignore shut of notices, not pay bills including auto and house insurance, in the case of auto it gets your car suspended and if registered to the man his license is also suspended and since men drive more than women he is the one who gets caught. This is what leads to physical confrontation, it does not justify it but one should certainly understand. What I hate is that women can do all the things that I mention and there is NO legal consequences to them which perpetuates the situation and everyone wonders why men are so angry. Then when men take control of the situation, feminists will say that he is manipulative and controlling the money to limit her ability to leave the relationship. Again further infuriating men.

    It is actually the women who have all the power and men have none because no matter how they handle it they are wrong even if all they are trying to do is to keep a roof over their families heads.

    The emotional abuse that men receive at the hands of their significant other should also be illegal, than and only then will the abuse stop. It is not fair that women can abuse men with no recourse. Also men are much more less likely to report or have their significant other arrested.


  3. She came at me with a hot greasy frying pan flames shooting past my face as the hard knock of reality hit me. She could KILL me. Right here right now. I was so stunned that I almost lost consciousness as I wheeled backward screaming in pain.
    So I ran away. Rather I stumbled away just glad to be alive.

  4. I think both reasons are true. I think that abuse of men by women has been under-reported in the past and probably still is to a large extent . . . but it also seems like there is more violence in general than there used to be (men vs. men, women vs. women and women vs. men). I don’t know if that’s true statistically, but it certainly seems that there are more incidents of violence than there used to be, and often over very minor issues or nothing at all.

    Another thing that always bugs me is when you see a girl hit a guy on TV shows. It’s not like they’re beating them, but it’s still not okay. It seems to be accepted if a girl smacks a guy when it would never be accepted if a guy smacks a girl.

  5. ‘Domestic Violence’ is a multiBillion dollar Industry which works hand in hand with the Child Support Industry and Divorce Industry to make lawyers and Family Court judges rich while abusing children and families and fathers. They are actively gender segregating our population using these laws and abuses of process into ‘single mother families’. A fractured Family is much easier to Control and makes for extended profits in all three Industries above. It is fascism, criminal racketeering and a clear evidence of the feminazi nation we have become.

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