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Happy Fathers Day! or is it?

I do sincerely wish all dads happy fathers day.

Interesting facts:

What day in the US are the most phone calls made?

What day in the US are the most collect phone calls made?

Answers below

The day most phone calls are made . . . Mothers day.

The day most collect phone calls are made . . . Fathers day

These facts brought to you by our misandric society.



One Response to “Happy Fathers Day! or is it?”

  1. That is the sad part some don’t call except on certain days.I talked to my daddy daily,sometimes two or three times a day .even across the many miles.Still today even though he is in heaven I still talk to him in my heart.God Bless you all,and reach out and touch the people you love,we never know what the next few moments will bring into our lives.

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