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truth: or is it?

The public service announcements “might” have peoples best interest in mind but they will accomplish little when they tout what they say as truth and it is not. One commercial states that in this century cigarettes will kill One Billion people. They ask the person that they are interviewing (who is a positive spin artist) what he would say to that . . . He said “That is what 17% of the population?!” (1 divided by 6) He is right but wrong. If one were freeze time right now that would be correct. But from 2001 to 2101 with a compounded per annum growth rate of 1.5% that would be about 26.6 billion people or 3.76% of the people living over the next 100 years. OK it is still a high number but not what would have you believe. This is “only” a 452% exaggeration but hey, they can do that but the cigarette companies better not.

Hey “truth” stop lying to us. You say that the cigarette companies are lying to us and twisting the truth but you are doing the same thing. You can fool some of the people . . .
Goose meet gander.


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