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Paranoid Much? Stop Family

I came across this paranoid gem HERE and clicked on “National Coalition Against Domestic Violence” which took me HERE

Then scroll down to “Don’t Be Fooled by “Parental Alienation”
Bogus Theory Denies Abuse, Puts Children at Risk”
HERE which gives you the error code 404 Page Not Found. You then will come across what follows. If you do not believe it go see it for yourself.

The question is who is manipulating whom? Me thinks I smell a nefarious agenda.

Below is what you will find when you open the links.
the people’s voice for family peace

If you are currently being stalked or abused, it may not be safe for you to view this site.
Why? Because your abuser can track your online actions.
We suggest going to the library to use a public computer, or calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE.

The page you were trying to view isn’t here!Home About Us Contact Us Donate Internet Safety Privacy Terms & Conditions© 2009
Stop Family Violence is a project of The Tides Center,
a nonprofit public charity exempt from federal income tax under
section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Stop Family Violence
331 West 57th Street #518, New York, NY 10019
Emergency Escape (BAR)
Click anywhere on this bar to close the site if your abuser enters the room. For your protection, your computer will be locked out of the site for an hour.

I loathe the absurdity of this site.


3 Responses to “Paranoid Much? Stop Family”

  1. wow that’s some heavy duty paranoia.

  2. Yea, because nobody ever uses the internet to stalk other people, and domestic violence perps never would never do anything they can to access their victims.

  3. Donna,

    You missed the point. Besides this orginization is just “a little” one sided. In your words, Yeah, because only women are the abused and men are the abusers.

    It is OK to come to my site unarmed but you will be called out on it.


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