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Disparity for Male Victims of Domestic Violence

According to Henry Makow Ph.D. – May 21, 2008 the number women and men that have reported that they were victims of domestic abuse in Canada are virtually IDENTICAL. The numbers are telling but the amount of media coverage and shelters skews the peoples perception more than dramatically. In the last 5 years from his article 654,000 women (7%) and 646,000 men (6%) have reported being the victim of DV in the last 5 years. Women have 300 shelters and men . . . 0. All things being equal men should have more than 257 shelters available to them. The Doc calls this MASS MANIPULATION and I agree with him. Click the link and spread the bad word it is vital to equality and de-demonetization of men.

The Liberty Tree Lantern

The good Doc also delved into the the fact that DV occures more frequently in gay relationships.


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