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Coming to a Neighborhood Near YOU!


Remember these faces, your life or the lives of others may depend on it. These are the Lackawanna 6.

Three of them are going into the WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM. This is no joke. Three of these terrorists have been granted a fresh start in the United States courtesy of the US government. What were the people that granted this thinking, oh yeah they were not! The federal government can monitor our phone calls and our email in the name of national security and they are going to release these characters into unsuspecting neighborhoods with new names and lives. My God if they are American citizens they committed conspiracy to commit treasonous acts, if they were not citizens then they were involved in acts that were leading to an act of war.

Lackawanna Police Chief James L. Michel Jr. officially stated that these men are welcome back in Lackawanna, I wonder what the Lackawanna residents think. I do not live in Lackawanna but is close enough for me to be concerned.

I wonder what would happen to me if I started stockpiling of ammonium nitrate and liquid nitromethane.

I wonder how many red flags were rung somewhere because of this post.



3 Responses to “Coming to a Neighborhood Near YOU!”

  1. “I wonder what would happen to me if I started stockpiling of ammonium nitrate and liquid nitromethane.”

    We know what would happen – you’d be arrested, and the media would make it a week-long holiday exposing a “right-wing extremist” and have endless cable news shows about “hate” and “conservatives”!!!!!

  2. NG,

    LOL, you can say that again. But I have a large suburban lawn to take care of and I need to buy in volume to save money . . .


  3. Obama goes way too far. He has been given free rein and tr=that never ending length of rope he’s been given he’s going to hang us all in!

    The Islamic Obamanation twit!

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