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Illegal Immigrants have US Constitutional Rights?

Are you kidding me? These people have more rights than I do. I lost my job and no one is banging on my door to make sure that I am aware of all the public assistance programs that I as a born in the USA citizen should receive. All that it should take for me is saying that I have zero income because I lost my job. The services should them be able to call my former employer and confirm and there should be NO DELAY in my benefits that I have payed into for about 31 years. You want to bet that I will not get all of them and that it will take quite some time for me to get them?

There were raids on two houses of illegal aliens, (did I mention that they were illegal?)

after an ID program for all city of HARTFORD, Connecticut residents which are meant to help immigrants open bank accounts and receive city services.

Receive services?!? Are you kidding me?!? I would like to know how many legal city residents are eligible for services and do not get them.


Judge Michael Straus said that agents entered their homes without a warrant, probable cause, or consent.

What the hell!!! The probable cause was that they were illegals! Wake up!

You just gotta love it. I have been sited with court appearance tickets because I could not afford to put a new roof on my house and illegal immigrants are receiving services, Medicare, Medicaid, schooling, medical services and I have not had any government agency give me one thing in our troubled times. So far what my children have received is a free lunch at school. The other agencies are slow to respond. My kids are the third generation in a house newly built for my parents and we may loose it. GOD BLESS THE USA IF YOU ARE NOT AN AMERICAN!

There is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with this country that will not help its own before those that are not here legally. Holy Christ help us all.

Of the 32 people arrested, 30 were released on bond or supervision orders. Seventeen of those 30 immigrants challenged their arrests in court.

Immigration officials claim all four are from Mexico, but all four cited their Fifth Amendment rights in refusing to say what country they are from.

What the hell again!!! They are not here legally, they should not have the right to the 5th Amendment. Answer the question of get deported! If you are caught committing purgery, you are deported. Simple really. OK, now let us apply this to us practically. You have a touch of insomnia and you go for a walk at 3AM, a patrol car stops you and asks you where you live, you do not have to answer them. Sure that will go over like a fart on a oak pew in church.

My God if you have been charge with a DWI here in the US, Canada will not let you into their country because you are a criminal. I know this for a fact because of my close proximity to the Peace Bridge. Until recently crossing into Canada was as easy as walking across the street and for me it was as close. Now a US citizen has a more difficult time coming back into the US from Canada and we are giving gifts to illegals. This is insulting, demoralizing, dehumanizing, unpatriotic, un-American, and McCarthyistic.

What is wrong with our government? Oh yeah, officials (elected representatives) have THE PEOPLE believing that we are no longer the government and have this lemming of a society believing that they (our elected officials) are the government. WAKE UP AGAIN PEOPLE! WE are the government. WE THE PEOPLE, remember school? Apparently not.

One thing that I can proudly say is that I am vocal in protecting not just my rights but yours also. Step up to the plate you you are going to wake up one day and not have any rights. My vocal assertions do have a cost to them monetarily and personally but that is what it takes to protect yourself and to be able to look at yourself in the mirror every day. To much of a cost for you? Then I do not want you crying on my shoulder EVER.

I am sure to some degree that my vocal personality is impart what caused me to loose my job, well to that I say without people like me there who was not afraid to be counted, who is next? Food for thought. Life is not fair but it never will be unless you move to action.

How many people have you heard say but I am only one person what can I do? I would venture to say that there are enough that you are not only one person. Again food for thought.



4 Responses to “Illegal Immigrants have US Constitutional Rights?”

  1. My sympathy is with you. I have been denied part time employment from the ” US CENSUS BUREAU ” . I had a misdemeanor. DUI many years ago, on my own street,a few yards from my home, when 7-8 year old “illegal ” (I’m sure)children threw fircrackers at my whindshild at midnight resulting in an accident, they jumped me,punched me calling me “BITCH” only word in English I hit their families 34 yr old vehicle. My GOD ,I could have hit a child.!! My lessons have been learned. I am telling this Drama, because…I asked the officer, “Is there no responsibility for the parents.?” He replies, “NO”. His arresting me was more a priority than “CHILD ENDANGERMENT” I often reflect, where are they now? In gangs, spraying graffeti, in jail. We pay!!!!! Our system needs needs correction,ya think??

  2. “…I have been sited with court appearance tickets because I could not afford to put a new roof on my house.”

    Just remember, the BTK Killer was a code enforcement officer… I’ve heard of a building inspector who had a guy hauled into court for house paint that was peeling, another one for weeds growing behind the house, and you’re right illegals DO have more rights than Americans, thanks in aprt to terrorist organizations like the ACLU. Touche.

  3. Nancy C, they can’t hire you as you would be taking a job from an ACORN worker.

  4. I love this about Illegal immigrants….i mean the world “illegal” should mean what is was supposed to mean. They think the U.S. is mean, when we ship these illegals back to where they came from, i mean, why are we so mean?? lol…Between 12 and 20 million illegal immigrants are estimated to be living in the United States; due to the nature of illegal immigration, the exact number is unknown.[92] The majority of the illegal immigrants are from Latin America.[93] Illegal immigration has been a longstanding issue in the United States, creating immense controversy. Harvard University economist George J. Borjas explains that the controversy centers around the “huge redistribution [of wealth] away from [unskilled American] workers to [American employers] who use immigrants.”[94] In 2007, President Bush called for Congress to endorse his guest worker proposal, stating that illegal immigrants took jobs that Americans would not take.[95] all i have to say is that we sholdn’t take the easy approach to these illegals, and the question is, “why do they get more benefits than we do, and why do they have more rights than our own people who are not working, or are sick, and in need? this is the question you have to ask “your Gov’t”… take a stand, thanks

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