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RECALL: Matches Have Caught Fire

It is true matches have caught fire when friction is applied.

Warning: Gas grill burners catch fire when the igniter is pushed (well sometimes anyway).

Acetylene and oxygen catches fire when spark is introduced
Gasoline can catch fire.




I do not mean to make light of the people who have been burned or killed but all our lives we have been told to turn pot handles in, and not to wear loose fitting clothing while using the stove.

Because loose fitting clothing catches fire when it comes in contact with a flame on the stove 162,000 womens robes have been recalled. Six women have died because they were wearing loose fitting robes and now the robes are being recalled. Holy crap! What is next the items that I listed above are going to be recalled because of the same reason? When is the insanity going to stop? Do not forget about the added cost passed on to everybody. It is IMPOSSIBLE no matter how hard we try to stop people from injuring or killing themselves accidentally because of intentional or accidental temporary stupidity and or carelessness. The way this country is going trying to protect our citizens from themselves, this will not stop until we have bubble-wrapped the entire country. But wait . . . bubble wrap can cause suffocation . . . OH NOOOOOOOO NOW WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!?




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