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Carrie Prejean SACKED Big Surprise

Miss California USA Carrie Prejean has been sacked by Donald Trump. Come on we all know that she had a great big target painted on her the moment that sleeze of ball cheese Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr Perez Hilton opened his mouth and set her up. Of course it was not because of her hererosexual stance it was because she was not living up to her end of the contract. HOW VERY CONVIENANT. Good going Don, whay to save face and avoid the heat of the kitchen. You know you may be fooling other people but to me you are as transparent as celophane.

You have just appeased the gay community and saved face doing it, what a cowardly way out.

Everyone who can see this transparent ploy of his contact him, flood him with disaproving but respectful communications. How can you contact him and his many orginizations? HERE IS A LINK TO HIS MANY ADDRESSES, PHONE NUMBERS, FAX MACHINES, AND EMAIL ADDRESSES.

Happy hunting!

Carrie I love you and you are STILL Miss Califorinia USA to me. Hang tough kid, I just lost my job for being outspoken also. I was at it for 22 1/2 years.

Always remember and never forget there is always a reason for everything.


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