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Murder at Children’s Halfway House

This is a story very personal to me and I am sure many others at Niagara Falls Harley Owners Group.

While scanning the news today for topics of discussion I came across this article. The headline peaked my interest because one of my motorcycle clubs Niagara Falls (NY) Harley Owners Group (Clickable link) over 300 strong is very involved in a children’s halfway house. Then I saw Rochester (about 60 miles from me) so it peaked my interest even more, but I found out the kids were from Rochester and the halfway house was in Lockport, NY. The only one I could think of was ours, Wyndham Lawn,(Clickable Link) this is where the blanket party bludgeoning death occurred.


I have chills and I am shaking with anger. We show up with our bikes and give rides and other such things for a summer picnic, this years was last week Saturday. We also donate several thousand dollars in gifts each year at their Christmas party.

This look like the pool table we donated

I am deeply saddened to hear of the horrific death of one of the counselors Renee Greco, 24 from Wyndham Lawn. (Clickable Link) I do not have the words to express my emotions right because of working so closely with these people.

The Christmas party is held every year the first Monday in December and for over a decade except for one year where we had over 1 foot of snow on the ground I have rode my motorcycle over 20 miles to get there. The kids always got a kick out of the fact that I will ride in sub freezing weather for them so they can get a look at the bike and see and take picture of me on it in my Santa hat.

just do not know what to say right now other than
GODSPEED RENEE, you, your family, friends, and coworkers have the thoughts and prayers of the entire Niagara Falls Harley Owners Group and their families.


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