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KENMORE NY 06/01/1975 UFO

No, I could not find one of the fuzzy pictures LOL

OK, this is a fun topic for me. There are many reasons for this and some are:

1) I am not so vain as many people on this rock are to think that we are the only possibility of life in this vast universe.

2) We for a long time have always wanted to be important because of our vanity, examples are:

A) At one time the earth was the center of the universe
B) At one time the earth was the at the center of our cluster of galaxy clusters
C) At one time the earth was the at the center of our galaxy cluster
D) At one time the earth was the at center of our galaxy
E) At one time the earth was the at the center of our solar system
F) At one time the earth was the . . . you get the idea . . . our vanity has always been a problem

3) As lat as the 50’s we locked people up for thinking that we could get to the moon, and in the 60’s we “reportedly” made it.

4) there is no other life out there because there are no other planets out side of our own solar system. None of our celestial bodies can support life . . . yeah, right . . . the possibility still exists with the discovery of countless moons in our solar system, now numbering 172 discovered around 13 planets. OK so it will not be existing advanced life but . . .

5) I always argued just because we cannot “see” other planets does not mean that they do not exist. It is just that we are such intellectual infants that we could not detect other planets until 1995, and now we have 349 extra solar planets that we know about.

What is this all about? It is that I believe in the “possibility” of ET’s. Just because we have not seen them does not mean that they do not exist. Have they been here, who knows? Why would a civilization even care about our ant hill? Who knows, but we have people here that study ant hills (the equivalent of what we would be to a life form that can actually get here) so why not?

The one thing that I can shed light on is the June 1, 1975 20:30 hrs Kenmore NY UFO sighting. It was an unintentional hoax. I remember the incident well. A Kenmore police officer eve reported sighting it. Well night shift can be tedious, and sometimes employees pull some shenanigans. I will not name the people or place of employment but the night shift would have some occasional fun with flammable gases and garbage bags. This “fun” morphed one night into lighter than air gases. In a casual conversation several years ago the Kenmore UFO incident came up and a buddy of mine started laughing. I said “No, it was not you was it?” He said that it was him and some co-workers. They ended up filling an exposure suit, essentially made of Tyvec with a lighter than air gas and duct taped the openings. They used several glow sticks and I believe a flashlight. They “let it fly” and the rest is history. They did not intend it to be a UFO hoax, they were just having fun until it hit the papers the next day. I must admit that I find this hysterical. It is great being in the know on these things and now I am sharing this story with you so that you can if you are old enough to remember the incident you too can now have a good chuckle.

I hope you enjoyed this story on the lighter side. After all work and no play make Jack a very dull boy.



One Response to “KENMORE NY 06/01/1975 UFO”

  1. The US government wants the “alien” technology for weapons and so they have a vested interest in calling all the sightings a “hoax”

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