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Vermont School Program “Gendertopia”


BURLINGTON, Vt. – Like plenty of other high school students, a group of about a dozen Vermont teenagers trundled into a youth center one day every week this spring to participate in an after-school program.

But their program was different; it focused on gender.

The nine-week program, partially funded by the Burlington School District, was held at Vermont’s Queer Youth Center and called “Gendertopia.”

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This is not about gay bashing it is about common sense and putting responsibility of certain teachings where it belongs.

This is real life and there is no utopia of any kind, there are difficulties that we all will have to deal with and it is better to teach our children how to cope rather than everything is or will be peachy keen.

My God people wake up and smell the stuff that these people are shoveling. Many become entrenched in supporting programs like this because of their sublime but malignant agenda.
With in the article it states:

“We often see a lot of homophobia or transphobia . . .”


“Neff said that for years his organization has done anti-bullying presentations related to sexual orientation and gender identity in schools across the state.”


“I’m straight, but I don’t like using that word because then it feels like if you’re gay then you’re crooked, you’re not meant to grow up in a certain way,” Sophia Manzi, 15, a Burlington high school freshman, said during this year’s final “Gendertopia” meeting. “I come because it’s a really good program. The people, it doesn’t matter what sexual orientation you are, they totally come in with open arms.”

Does anyone but me see a problem with this?

1) There is no word Heterophobia and if there was it does not carry the same weight and would only be scoffed at . . .

2) Running anti-bulling programs across the state is bulling.

3) It is nothing less than propaganda to disapprove of and or hate people that do not think the same as they do . . .

4) Open your eyes, going public like this tells people that think differently that they are wrong which breeds polarization and leads to making people feel uncomfortable about their beliefs . . . therefore bulling

5) Sophia Manzi admits that she feels uncomfortable using the word straight (this is bulling), she is intimidated saying what she is . . .

6) Sophia Manzi says that it does not matter what sexual orientation you are (BUT she does not feel comfortable saying that she is straight).

7) Come in with open arms . . . yeah right if you do not think the way we do we will have a “presentation” telling you how you are wrong.

8.) come in with open arms . . . yet Sophia seems ashamed to admit that she is straight.

9) calling someone homophobic and transphobic is still name calling and is no different than calling some one a fag. Name calling is name calling and no way to get a point across.

This is a subject that the schools should in no way endorse OR condemn, it is not their place as it is not their place to endorse or condemn a religion. This is best left up to the PARENTS regardless of your individual belief(s).


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