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Nevaeh Buchanan

I fell asleep in the couch last night and I am glad that I have the ability of selective listening where I can ignore the mundane on TV and yet wake up to those things that are important.

My TV is set to turn on Headline news at 5AM so as I shake the cobwebs out of my head please excuse my spelling an gramatical errors, I will correct them later. I am going back to bed now. I woke up to Jane Vales Mitchel talking about Navaeh Buchanan. The authorities belie that they have found her body. One of Jane’s female guests said “When are we going to protect this little girls form these people? In every case it has been some sick child abuser.” Oh really?! All the recent cases that I am aware of the prime suspect has been mom. You should know what you are talking about before going on national TV.

Her attempt to steal the lime light through melodramatics and pushing emotional buttons is disgraceful. Yes the loss of Navaeh is a tragedy beyond words but this female guest was way out of line and whoring herself shamelessly. I am so tired of this type of spectacle reporting at the expense of those that are living with this immense pain and the girl that was killed.

In this era of PC I also object to the use of the word “manhunt,” Being PC it should be “personhunt.”

Get a clue.


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