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Three Years for Hammering, Stabbing, Shooting

Care to guess the sex of the assalant?

Cherrie Elaine Tingen has hammered, stabbed and shot her now estranged boyfriend and she claimed domestic abuse. The defence states that she has battered woman syndrome, is bi-polar, suffers from depression, is a crack addict, and was intoxicated at the scene. Well then that is OK facing two twenty year terms to reduce it to 3 years having to serve 2 years with 5 months served (so now it is 1 year 7 months) before she is elegible for parole. Boyfriend Rickey Cassel was shot once in the head and 4 times on the back. The slug was removed from his head and he still carries 3 slugs with him. He will also need shoulder surgery.

Judge Scott McDowell said that these crimes demand more than probation. Really? I think he is bing a bit harsh!

Paris News


6 Responses to “Three Years for Hammering, Stabbing, Shooting”

  1. I admit that there should be punishment for wrong doing in any case like this. I am not so sure that Rickey is all that innocent either. Battering her simply was not the only thing involved. Rickey takes his abuse a step farther in that he abuses with bodily fluid. A case that I believe should be persued. You see Rickey has aids and never told Cherrie of this until after having sex with her not just once but over 2 years while he was totally cognisant. I believe anyone who holds such deadly intention along with frequent physical and mental abuse is only begging for just punishment. You decide! You seem to have known it all but this.

  2. Robert,

    Can you cite your information? I have not seen an article that states Rickey had HIV/AIDS.


  3. I have seen it and in fact it is in the court findings. Also, it is in the court reporters journal. The only article I have seen regarding this case is how Cherrie Tingen is to blame. I don’t believe she isn’t to blame mind you however, I believe atleast for sake in good blogging you should get your facts straight.

  4. I have also heard of this. Cherrie once told me this and she said that she had found a paper from one of Rick’s doctors explaining the diagnosis. I heard that it was HIV virus that causes AIDS is what Ricky has and not full blown AIDS. Chances are with his lifestyle he will eventually end up with it. But that is pure speculation just like this BLOG. My hat is off to this guy Bernie for even Blogging about this. Sad thing is that he doesn’t follow up on the story. Just because a woman is convicted of a crime does not mean that the one that she commited it against should come out clean either. Or maybe Bernie shouldn’t write about it at all. Truth is that Ricky already has his punishment. The reality is that he will continue to possibly infect others as it seems he does not have a conscience. I hope this out of towner figures that a blog is investigative and not speculative only. Good luck with it.

  5. I think it would be nice idea for Biker Bernie to admit that he has been worng about this one and put it behind him. Ricky was arrested for his 3rd DUI this past week. This one is documented for you Bernie please check out the Take care!

  6. I am the daughter of Cherrie and he did in fact have aids…he was wrong in o so many ways

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