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14th Amendment Under Attack Again

Oh, Lord the sanctimonious are at it again. Correction, they are sanctimonious at best and ignorant at worse, either way it spells a heap of trouble. All I want is equal, but it seems if you are in the majority equality is ignored in favor of the minorities superior rights. Now I have nothing against anybody until my families and my rights are being trampled because of some imaginary “privileged” life. We are far from privileged and I do not want to here that I cannot recognize it because of my perspective. I have worked hard for everything that my family and I have and it is in danger of being lost because I lost my job. I took a job, and took a work study job and had a little help from my parents so that I could go to college. After college (BTW I did not get my diploma until a year after I graduated because I still owed them money) I worked 80 hours a week to pay for college. 24 on 24 off, 24 on 24 off, 32 on 40 off. I do not want to hear that this is privileged, if you think so you really need some help.

I have not understood for years why my kids grammar school was littered with all sorts of Jewish and Kwanzaa symbols pinned up in the hallways colored by the students. The closest that anything came to Christian symbols were that of Santa Clause and a “Holiday Tree” because no one could any longer call it a Christmas Tree.

Sorry if if any one thinks that this is equal, again you need help, and or do not understand Christmas at all. Why were Christian rights eliminated in schools but other religious celebrations were introduced? I am not quite sure how that fits into the 14 Amendment rights of our citizens.

Why am I ranting about this? Simple because the Supreme Court has yet again squashed another Christian right. It seems that a mother of a kindergarten student came in and assisted her child in “show and tell” saying that her son’s favorite book was the Bible and she read a passage. The Supreme Court has deemed this Unconstitutional. What they fail to see is that it was not a school that sanctioned this reading but a parent for her child. They questioned her motives. IT DOES NOT MATTER. The school did not sanction it, no harm no foul.

See the big picture that always seems to be overlooked in this day and age is, what is next? The next step is to stop children who wish to say a prayer before lunch. This must be stopped before the proverbial fuller brush man’s foot is in the door. I find it ironic that The Supreme Court feel that the students were a “captive audience” when you are not a captive audience by allowing religious groups to come to your door. Sure some would argue that you can close the door but you still are bothered by the interruption by their very presents of knocking on the door or interrupting you while cutting your grass. Those that would argue that you can put a “no solicitors” sign on your property or door are also wrong. This is quad fold:
1) You are inconvenienced by having to go somewhere to get the sign.
2) You have to buy it.
3) You have to put it up.
4) You find out that it does not apply to charitable and religious organizations.

Welcome to reality.

Why should I have to be bothered at all? In my book that is captive. What about all the crayon colored religious other pin ups? That too is captive. It seems to me that many elected and appointed officials either cannot or do not wish to see the bigger picture. I am betting on the former rather than the latter. There is no common sense anymore and it cannot be taught so the future is bleak.


One Response to “14th Amendment Under Attack Again”

  1. If all men were created equal then I would be “equal” to a lawyer or judge.

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