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Another First! Back to the Moon Alice!

Well there have been mumblings that we are going back to the moon. The projected date for this is 2018. I am betting that on that mission that there will be at least one woman and that she will be the the lead person out of the lunar lander and the media will yet again proclaim from every mountain top that (insert name here) is the “FIRST” woman on the moon. At the least she will be a member of the landing crew and she will not have to be the lead person out of the lunar lander to put the man or men that go with her for the media to promply put the man or men in her over exagerated shadow.

It will be a sad day for those that came before her, removing their special place in history in favor of the new matriarcal matrix.

Tell me I am wrong. Of course you cannot now because if they did not think of it, they will now with this post going public.


2 Responses to “Another First! Back to the Moon Alice!”

  1. Very well could be a woman commander on the flight…. but how is it going to take so long for us to go back?

  2. I am not sure, I only have guesses. One is that we do not have long range maned rockets in production. Two is that my watch has more computing power than the original Apollos and there was no safety margin when we went the first few times, I am sure that they are going to increase the amount of wiggle room given the bad rap we have now for safety and the space program cannot take another hit and survive. There already are many people that do not understand the importance of the space program. Their tech has about 16,000 inventions and applications that have made our lives easier.

    IMHO we should not have gone in the first place but we had to “one up” the Soviets since they took all the other firsts.

    Of course there is the conspiracy theory that we did not get there in the first place. Many of the reasons and rational are easily debunked but some have just enough credibility to the arguments that create interesting discussions.

    The entire fleet of reusables (wd?) are slated for extinction in 2010. It is a sad and confusing issue. How are they going to maintain and add on to the international space station? Are going to go to other countries or one time use rockets for transportation? I do not have that answer. The other possibility is that we are going to abandon using the space station and concentrate on rockets to the moon for the next 9 years. I do know that they have been testing people in survival isolation, in small pods in tundra areas to see if people can do it for the purpose of colonization of the moon and Mars. I really wanted to throw my name into the hat for this because at one time they did have a “cattle call” for volunteers. Those of you that know me “no comments from the peanut gallery” please LOL.

    I have not heard about any of the results of these experiments.


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