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Guyana Justice?

Normally I could care less about other countries, not that I do not care but we have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others, but I found this story interesting.

An acting Chief Magistrate “Melissa” Robertson ordered a man who threatened to kill his reputed wife to pay a fine and to undergo six months of counselling when he appeared in the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court.

Seems reasonable, no? No! This is not the whole story. It seems the husband, Carl Welcome, 36, was away on business for 3 days comes home and finds everything in his home gone including his wife Cleopatra Samuels.

Welcome tride to call his wife, she did not answer. Confused and frustrated he left a voice mail stating that was going to kill her. Hmm, when did the shock value of getting someone to pay attention to you become such a serious threat? I threaten to kill my kids 100 times a day. Not really, but I do say it and they know that it is not a real threat.

The bottom line is that Samuels responsibility and role in what happened was compleatly dismissed. Now I am not familiar with their laws but if there is community property involved, should she not also to be charged? Apparently not especially when inftont of an acting female migistrate. People bellow empty threats every day and are not sentanced to 6 months councling and or jail and an $8,000 fine.

It may be just me but I believe his sentance was harsh and she should have also been held accountable for her actions. She did not even leave a dear John letter.




One Response to “Guyana Justice?”

  1. Definitely out of bounds with the sentencing. Seems it’s not only American courts that have their scales tilted towards women when it comes to domestic cases.

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