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Mom Faces Attempted & Murder Charges

Take a good hard long look at this bridge, then read the story. It is at least a 100 foot drop, it has 75 feet of clearance from its lowest support members.

Amanda Jo Stott-Smith is going to be on trial the murder of her 4 year old son and attempted murder of her 7 year old daughter. Amanda Jo Stott-Smith is being accused of tossing her children of a bridge into the water. She had recently lost temporary of her children to her husband but she was given visitation. It was on one of these visitations that Stott-Smith is accused of throwing her kids off the bridge.

Residents on the river retrieved the children but 4 year old Eldon Jay Rebhan Smith had already drown.



4 Responses to “Mom Faces Attempted & Murder Charges”

  1. Looks like Amanda Jo Stott-Smith must have been a viewer of the Nancy Grace show on CNN, there is no other reason why she would have tried to kill her kids.

  2. Sad story, hopefully they will lock her away for good.

  3. Thing is though, the court will find sympathy with her case and give her a few years in a mental ward getting therapy, etc.

    If a man had done exactly what she did he’d be thrown away into prison and the key would be thrown away.

  4. I bet you’re right NewsGuy, they’ll probably give her a minimal sentence and mandate therapy, then cut her loose.

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