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Mike Hendricks is Confused

“Incendiary language creates climate that kills

The range of reactions to Monday’s column that blamed George Tiller’s murder, in part, on the incendiary rhetoric of some in the anti-abortion movement:

From high praise to angry denunciations — and not a lot in between, as you might imagine, given the polarizing nature of abortion. . .”


Sorry Mike, there are always nut jobs as you call them that will do their dastardly deed without any prompting from anyone. What you are saying is tantamount to a spouse in a domestic saying that “She/he “made” me hit her/him.

If that does not float your boat then I cannot buy into your “Incendiary language creates climate that kills.” Besides I have never seen a word or language jump up and kill someone.

You must make up your mind either a person is responsible for her/his actions or they are not. I do not see, nor do all psychologists, psychiatrists, and councilors of all kinds, how another person can make another do anything. All people have a choice.


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