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Have you seen these commercials?

The one I saw about 1/2 hour ago was the mysandric thing I have ever seen.

The worst of it is that it is from an organization that provides free information on how to be happy. Well with the link that I provided is their commercial that is labeled “Don’t be Promiscuous” there are about 15 vignettes that show obviously that only men must be cheaters and women apparently when not happy with their men are allowed to various forms of assault to physically abuse them.

Men = bad, woman = good.

I am stunned.

Please, I encourage you to write to them and let them know you dissapprove.

BTW I sent away for their “Free Package.” We will find out what other tripe they are spouting.


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  1. Wow, that’s worse than the Pink video – she’s using violence against men as entertainment, these nutters are putting it forward as some way to make the world a better place! I wonder if this means that men can beat up women who are cheating on them? Let’s guess.

  2. Porky,

    It is always good to hear from you . . . By your last post you much have taken 2 or 3 happy pills that many men are on today just so we can deal with the rampant hypocrisy in our society today. LOL


  3. […] UPDATE: See my original post HERE […]

  4. It’s a disgrace.The men standing there being slapped by those gals.If it was turned around and the men were doing the slapping all hell would break loose,which is pricicely why,it is women slapping the men.Talking about one of the biggest discriminations there is,i sure as hell don’t hear any anti-women violence making any waves about this.So make a change in the format with the men slapping the women and see just how long you run that ad.

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