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Blacks in Ire, Much Ado about Nothing Again


Yeah, and I am so damned tired of EVERYTHING being about the black community and the race card being played in EVERYTHING!  Get over yourselves.  This is such a transparent ploy it is not even funny any more.  Of course MSNBC jumps on the liberal bandwagon again.  I love them for this, they supply me with all the “good stuff” that I need to have a successful blog.

There is just a few more important things about this case than some group of being or pretending to be offended by a woman who obviously needs some mental help.  Think about it for Christ sakes, she is disturbed and what she says offends you?!?! Who is more disturbed? How much credence do you give a person who has mental health issues? Only you can empower people like Bonnie Sweeten. It is your choice to enrage yourself or not.

You should know what you are talking about before being outraged lest you look the fool.  Sure MSNBC states that her neighborhood is 96% white but the demographics of Philly where she claims this occurred, the white and black demographics are virtually IDENTICAL.  DUH!  MSNBC had to go back to 23 years to prove that this is a problem and only scraping up what 3 cited cases 4 with this one?  Weak at best.  This does not a problem make, what it does demonstrate is an over sensitive group within a group of people or worse yet shameless opportunists who’s only goal is to exploit situations like this to gain attention and keep the race wars going.  Really they are not worth my time but I hope to open eyes of others that have some hint of cognitive reality left in their cranium.

Same old lie, a black man did it. GIVE ME A BREAK! When is the last time you heard the opposite? When is the last time you heard about the white populace get all up in arms about the same old lie “A white man did it?” Never that I can remember. Now some of you are going to be thinking “That is because that lie is not told.” Pshaw It happens. When it does it is the same group of rabble rouser’s in the black community getting all up in arms because a black person was victimized when in reality it was the same old lie . . . a white man did it. Think about it, you all have been brainwashed by media induced paranoia claiming that only white people are prejudice. If you have any memory at all you should remember the Duke rape case. The black community was in ire here to but the victims were the white men. These same rabble rouser’s still spouted their ire after the proof was on the table. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THESE PEOPLE THAT WANT NOTHING BETTER THAN TO KEEP RATIAL TENTIONS HIGH! Most people are better than that on both sides of the line but they are bombarded by bias media. It makes you forget that white does not always equal bad and black always equals good. Sometimes whites are bad and most of the time they are good, the same goes for blacks. Do not be twisted by this liberal POISON! Think for yourselves for once!

BTW, MSNBC nice touch using a picture of Bonnie Sweeten with a black officer, way to throw gas on the fire most everyone wants to put out.


One Response to “Blacks in Ire, Much Ado about Nothing Again”

  1. It’s a shame that some of the self-appointed spokesmen for the “black community,” (whatever that is) are racists like Al Sharpton. Each time he organizes a rally or opens his mouth, he widens the chasm between the two races. Remember the Tawana Brawley debacle? Now Al’s trying to do the same with the NYPD shooting of one of it’s own.

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