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Air France Flight 447 Down

Inexcusable! No one has any idea where this plane went down. I saw a map of the area not coved by radar and it is almost all of the entire Northern Hemisphere of the Atlantic Ocean. There is nothing more to say other than with all the technology that we have today there is no excuse to have such a large radar black out area. An auto message was received about an electrical problem but we could not see where the jet was? I just do not have any words for this negligence.

I do not get it there are so many resources available to be able to track planes and we are not utilizing them, why? There are so may satellites up there that one would think that we would use them for just his purpose.

how about a program that triangulates the position of the jet when an auto message is sent? There are so many possibilities and none, zero, have been implemented for just such a situation? I am dumbfounded. It is difficult for me to understand how we can send a man to the moon and we can not keep track of a plane in earths atmosphere. I am not saying that it is really easy and that there would be no cost involved but it most assuredly can be done.

Godspeed all.



2 Responses to “Air France Flight 447 Down”

  1. I find it somewhat disconcerting that they’ve already dismissed terrorism as a cause. Absent of the black box, this will certainly lend credence to the conspiracy wackjobs.

  2. Huge,

    I enjoy a good conspiracy theory. The best part is that a good conspiracy theory is one that is difficult to prove. It is a self serving circular reasoning but they are really fun to entertain.

    Have fun,


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