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Pharmacist Shoots Robber in Head

Sorry if it is me or you, I am going to do everything in my power to see that it is not me. These boys were very menacing. Think about all the times that the public has spoken out about when they think the police have gone overboard and they are trained. Jerome Ersland is not a cop and will not deal with this situation in his civilian life nearly as much as the police do.

Remember he is trained to kill, that is how he has been programed kill or be killed so that he can live to fight another battle for US another day, and this is the thanks he gets from us? A murder rap? Nice, very nice all you patriotic POSERS! Now it is out time to defend HIM. GET A CLUE.

The mom said that he did not have to shoot my ”baby” like that, he lost that status the moment he walked into that store with a friend and a gun to rob it HE WAS NO LONGER A BABY!

BTW this was NOT vigilante justice.



One Response to “Pharmacist Shoots Robber in Head”

  1. I have to say i agree with you. If someone comes into my house, i believe, that if he or she is coming into my house, my dwelling, my private space, to do me or my family harm, or to steal or trepass univited, then i should have the right to protect myself, however that may be. I am tired of hearing a select few complain about their “babies” or my “kids” deserving not to be harmed or shot, when they chose to put themselves in that situation…..i mean i can have a little sympathy, but come on, how do you feel sorry for someone that has a gun pointed to your head, that pour baby, take what you want. I don’t think so. Thanks.

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