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Male Vs. Female Sentencing in HIV Cases II

OK, the original cases I addressed were in two different but similar countries the US and Canada (Male Vs. Female Sentencing in HIV Cases). Now I have this case (MSNBC ARTICLE) where we can compare the US and the US. The Texas man, Philippe Padieu, in this more recent case faced 99 years because he had HIV and had sex with 6 women. Divided that is 16.5 years apiece. He got 45 years and that is 7.5 years apiece. The original woman, Shala Singleton Howell (See the Glenn Sacks Article) was sentenced to 10 years with nine suspended after pleading guilt to knowingly exposing her husband to HIV. How nice for her! What about her husband Shannon Howell?

So, to clear this up Shala Singleton Howell received a 90% discount and Philippe Padieu received about a 50% discount BUT his original sentence was a 65% more stiff sentence. The current sentence disparity is that Philippe Padieu received a 750% more sentence than Shala Singleton Howell.

Yep, I wish I suffered all the disparities that women do in this country.


4 Responses to “Male Vs. Female Sentencing in HIV Cases II”

  1. Men should be punished more than woman they are the cause of women going wrong!!!!

  2. I think, simply, that people should be treated equally, for equal crimes, and it shouldn’t be based on gender or age…..i mean, heck, what is going on with our country and courts?? Father Joe.

  3. FJ,

    This is what the 14th Amendment is supposed to protect. I believe that our Constitution is being treated like toilet paper or if you are a fan of “Demolition Man” like the three sea shells.


  4. DJ,

    I hope you are being facetious.


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