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Nancy Grace blew it Again

Nancy Grace was so convinced that the bones found she reported on 05/27/2009, about 20 miles from Stacy Peterson’s house were hers. As it turns out these are the bones of a male. That is all the time she spent on her retraction on 05/28/2009. She seemed unconcerned about who this man may have been. Is the potential murder of a man that insignificant? Only to Nancy Grace.

Grace was so convinced because there was no head hands or feet found. It must have been Stacey because Drew was a cop and he knew how to hide identification of the body. Gee, Grace, they can tell male or female by the pelvis.

Get a clue.



43 Responses to “Nancy Grace blew it Again”

  1. bikerbernie, why do you allow michellefrommadison to write such venom and lies about Nancy Grace this takes any integrity that you might have on your web log. If Michelle was defaming a man you would put a stop to it right away. Maybe you both escaped from the insane asylum. I have better things to do with my time than to try to have a conversation with an uneduated jackass.

  2. Sorry DJ, but I only have posted documented, proven, and verifiable information that you seem just fine about someone who victimizes real victims of crimes, and has even been a part of some deaths, and has pending lawsuits against herself for her crimes in both state and federal courts right now. I have also never told a lie in my adult lifetime, unlike you. I have never defamed anyone, but your inability to verify the facts that educated people do does not change your rants into fact instead of the fiction you are so comfortable hearing from your pal Predator Nancy Grace. You do understand that Nancy Grace is not her real name either, even though she claims she is Nancy Grace on every show she does for CNN. Don’t allow the facts to continue to scare you DJ, get your head out and do so much needed research for yourself. And, you are welcome for the pointers, no charge. 🙂

  3. DJ,

    I believe that there is so much wrong with what you said I do not know where to begin. Yes it is my site and I can do anything I want with it including banning anyone I wish BUT my integrity comes form the fact that I welcome all views whether I agree with them or not. I am not particularly pleased with some of the personal attacks that have gone on here hence the “Play nice children comment” that was directed at everyone. If you have any information that can disprove MFM then I suggest that you depose her.

    My weblog cannot loose any integrity because of what someone else says and if that is what you believe then so me it because it simply is not true. I person is only responsible for their own actions and not the actions of others, if you do not believe that that you are living in the wrong country.

    You have made an assumption about me that is not true and that is that if MFM were defaming a man I would put a stop to it right away. Sorry but the egg is on your face for that one because I have not banned anyone including those that have made personal attacks against me, a man, alas. You have just attacked me a man and your unfair, prejudicial comment still stands, again a reflection on you not me. I have broad shoulders, I have 3 kids, a wife and a dog to take care of and have just lost my job . . . if you think that some elementary school name calling and tactics are the things that most concern me you would again be mistaken. It does not bother me in the least, after all I am an adult and actually find the humor in it all. If you have better things to do the best advise I can give you is to go do whatever it is because blogs are an escape in my spare time, as they should be for others. This is not our life but they are fun. I started blogging so that I could learn different views from different people and test my resolve on my own stances and adjust them if I feel that they warrant adjusting. I am not afraid to be wrong, this is how I grow. I have made plenty of mistakes in my day but if I do not use the opportunities that I can to correct them shame on me, so I appreciate at times those that come here and disagree with me and on occasion find them more informational at times.

    I am sorry that you think that I should ban certain individuals that I have not but that is not my style (for now). I do not live a stagnant life so I know that things could change but for now they most likely will not.

    I am also glad that I have a venue that people feel comfortable venting on with little if any restrictions, this includes you.

    Have a great day and I hope you return because you want to . . .

    I reiterate . . . play nice children . . . and try to leave personal attacks especially of the other bloggers here off of your comments . . . attack the issue not the person (or me), please.


  4. Thanks bikerbernie for that explanation. I hope it helps DJ to understand there are often two sides to every issue, and if DJ continues to deny the proven facts about Nancy Grace, then I see it as DJ’s loss. Sorry to hear about the loss of job thing, hope things turn around for you. You’d be a great writer for some writing-sites. Maybe this blogisphere might open up some opportunities for you.

  5. MFM,

    Thank you and I was hoping so myself but of course much of it comes down to right place right time and the right people to notice. I am not holding my breath because of the hundreds of millions of blogs out there but a rather well known well established blog cast has noticed me and have given me an open invitation as a guest on their show. They contacted me which was extremely flattering. They wrote me and asked me to join them. I believe that they have been an item for about 30 years and on syndicated blog casts and or radio for about 20 years. NewsGuy please correct me if this is wrong. Visit my friends On The RIGHT Perspective with Frank of Queens, John of Staten Island and the NewsGuy, here I think you will like them.

    They originally invited me because our mutual “love” of Curtis Sliwa.

    I can only hope that someone in the right place will notice ans sponsor me.


  6. bikerbernie, is Curtis Sliwa that guy that always wears the red beret and fights of the rights of victims?

  7. MFM,

    Yeah, so he says, there are many incidents that he said that happened that did not just so he could get his name on the map. He does have a 1.5 million dollar residence, you can draw your own conclusions. You can listen to the enlightening conversation HERE


  8. Nancy Grace offers to ‘knock the crap’ out of Casey, according to Nancy herself. Now, that would be fun to see Nancy get pummeled by a real victim of a crime. Nancy is so jealous of Casey because Nancy was never a victim of any crime herself, and she’s extremely jealous of Casey. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch Nancy’s fat jiggle all over as Casey pounds Nancy’s flared-nostrils flat?

  9. MFM,

    I normally do not encourage addressing the person or things that typically can not be changed easily like looks over the subject matter and facts BUT I have to admit what actually got me to watch her. I never did before, I accidentally came across a blog comment about her and I had to see for myself what the goings on were on her show for some one to say what they did.

    I do not remember where I saw it but was and I quote “Nancy Grace looks like she is constantly smelling a fart.” I about wet my pants. Then I started watching her show and understood why she received so venom from people.


  10. Now THAT I would like to see!


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