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Nancy Grace blew it Again

Nancy Grace was so convinced that the bones found she reported on 05/27/2009, about 20 miles from Stacy Peterson’s house were hers. As it turns out these are the bones of a male. That is all the time she spent on her retraction on 05/28/2009. She seemed unconcerned about who this man may have been. Is the potential murder of a man that insignificant? Only to Nancy Grace.

Grace was so convinced because there was no head hands or feet found. It must have been Stacey because Drew was a cop and he knew how to hide identification of the body. Gee, Grace, they can tell male or female by the pelvis.

Get a clue.



43 Responses to “Nancy Grace blew it Again”

  1. Can’t defame a proven fact, there DJ, even if you are unwilling, unable, or too lazy to verify the actual facts. And, don;t call yoursel a bad name like that, try something a bit more cheerful. 🙂

  2. While they can identify the sex of an individual by examining his / her pelvis, it does not give the identity of who the person was. It is much easier if you have teeth or finger prints. I think that is the point. The sex of the person isn’t enough to convict. While I really do not like Nancy Grace because of what she does or does not do, I have to disagree that she “blew it”. She never had it to begin with.

  3. Nancy Grace loses another Court motion Jan.27th.

    A Judge ruled against Nancy Grace in her attempt to ban cameras in her Thursday Jan.28th deposition, and that her deposition is to be recorded, contrary to Grace‘s legal request.

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