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Woman Charged in False Abduction Claim

The moment the story broke it did not sound right, now police confirm it. Bonnie Sweeten, 38, called 911 to report that she and and 9-year-old Julia Rakoczy were abdicted. This was the case of the rear end accident where they were reportedly stuffed in a trunk of a cadilac by two black men.

What I find most interesting is that when the police are the victims of a false report the woman is charged and her spouse is also dragged into the blame of her behaviour because there “may have been a domestic situation.” Hmm, when a man is accused of a false rape the police are at best reluctant to prosicute the woman(men) of falsely reporting. Adding insult to injury is that the woman(men) making the report are rarely named and the man is always named even if the case has not been fully investigated. This has ruined countless mens lives. When the false rape accuser is exposed, she is still not named. This has got to end. I encourage all to write their lawmakers and ask them to institute a “False Accuser Registry.” The women are far more dangerous than can be imagined because of the way they get off their crime(s) anomously much of the time. Thay can repeatedly destroy a mans life with little to no concequences whereas very often the falsely accuesed man looses his job, his wife, his children, his house, and his dignity for the rest of his life.

START A FALSE ACCUSER REGISTRY NOW! I will if I can start collecting any of the named false accusers names and ad them to another page on this blog that will be in alphabetical order and listed by city and state if possible. Then you can use the find function on your browser or copy and paste to your word processor and use that find function.

If anyone has a collection of names already prepaired and cairs to share it with me it would be of great service to others that care to use this collective list.

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4 Responses to “Woman Charged in False Abduction Claim”

  1. This was something I didn’t notice until this post. Great to have my eyes open on the news for things like this.

  2. I completely agree that anyone who knowingly falsely accuses another should be named and shouldn’t be able to remain anonymous.

    I would imagine that in some situations it would be clear that the allegations were intentionally completely false, and in other situations it would be questionable whether the allegations themselves were false or they just had not met the burden of proof.

  3. 99.9% of the time the men are guilty. When a woman does something bad it is most likely because the man has been cheating with another man or woman.

  4. DJ,



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