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S Korea US Raise Alert Level

So it begins the dangerous posturing of the cat and mouse game. The alert level of surveillance is raised, then the raised level of readiness, leaves canceled, bases fill with our soldiers, then they fill theirs, troops amassing on both sides of the boarders, who will flinch first? It does not matter, powder meet match. Everyone looses.

Obama states that we as a country are broke, the last thing we need is another war to fight. I am not saying that we would not be justified if N Korea moves first, but with our given economic position we may have no choice but to avoid conventional warfare and fight in a way that will not win approval from the world community. This is a big deal. We may have to strike first, hard, and fast. We will have to end this thing almost before it starts, the toll will be heavy on their military and civilians.

We loose either way. To save face we will have to make amends. How do we do that? As we have in the past, rebuild them, so either way conventional, or unconventional, we will take a hard economic hit. This is “The Mouse that Roared” scenario. We are weakened and they are strengthened economically. We might even see a similar situation like we have with Japan.

We have invented many things, many of which we no longer manufacture and Japan does. We will further upset the delicate balance of import, export, causing an ever widening gap in our GNP viability. We loose no matter how you cut it. I would not want to be in Obama’s shoes right now. I did not vote for him but I have compassion for his current situation. I also have a lot of advice for him, unfortunately right now it is making a lesser of evils decision but he must make a decision, because not taking action is making a decision that would be the most detrimental to the US and him. He cannot win as it stands right now, pre-damage control is his only option.

If you think I am wrong about “The Mouse that Roared” take a good hard look at the night satellite map. If we rebuild them there will be a whole lot more dots on that map, we will bring out of the third world like we did S Korea.


3 Responses to “S Korea US Raise Alert Level”

  1. Good point about having to rebuild them after it’s over… but why not have China, Japan and South Korea do it? After all, they’re some of the largest economies in the world…. and we’re broke, as Obama has said. Then these countries could form a regional cooperative effort to police their own area (although it won’t be South Korea anymore, just Korea).

  2. Well, Newsguy . . . in an idealistic world you are right . . . both you and I know that is not the case and it will likely never happen. My father and many others fought and many died to “preserve democracy” and divided the country to do this . . . there would be the kick in the teeth factor to them. Of course the US government has already seen to that factor already.

    As always thanks for your contributions. You are right on the ball boy.


  3. Well, I agree with you in part. If we were to spare nothing in a nuclear way, there wouldn’t be anything left to rebuild. The ground would be worthless and the people who did survive wouldn’t be around long.
    Who would morn? China wouldn’t, to them Korea is just a pit dog of of shorts. If it was destroyed, they would have 22 million less people to care about feeding. They would have the extra advantage of being able to place the blame some were else.
    We all agree that if, China truly sealed their border, then North Korea would fall.
    Would would they do it? What if the swine flu reached North Korea?

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