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Perfect Attendance; 2,340 Straight Days of School

It is a slow news day so I will do my best. This has bothered me since I was in school. I am not condemning the girl (student) I am questioning the administration and their judgment. This for me is two fold; One is that we are rewarding good health, this is something that we all wish we had. I have never heard anyone say “Hey, last time I was sick it was so much fun I want to become sick again!” Two is that for some this encourages people to go to school and work sick so that they can receive this piece of paper that means nothing, risking the health of others that the sick person has contact with during the day. Really not to sound melodramatic but this is more than irresponsible it is potentially lethal. People die of a simple thing like the flu all the time. Going to work or school sick is well, potentially criminal. Why is it not negligence like many of the other things that the law dictates are hazardous actions to others lives?

There is too much emphasis in my opinion on perfect attendance. It risks others lives and even more so the life of the person not taking the hint from their body to rest and get better. I do not believe that there is a flaw in my thinking but if you know where I went wrong in my thinking let me know.



2 Responses to “Perfect Attendance; 2,340 Straight Days of School”

  1. Yeah, there’s too much emphasis on perfect attendance…. guess they have to reward the student for being so much of a nerd. But if she had the Swine flu they’d better make her stay home!

  2. Not a chance in hell. They already have a big matzo ball hanging out there.


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