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A Week In Review 05/17/2009 – 05/23/2009

Another week has passed and this site has made several milestones, Hits on one day broken a couple of times, in a week a couple of times, and for the month, well that is still climbing by 500+ and more.

Thanks again to all, now let’s try to break some comment records.


Ignorance is Bliss and Tolerance Mimics Ignorance

A Week In Review 05/10/2009 – 05/16/2009/

Milestone 10,000

Mascots and Team Names

Discrimination 1 – Kilt 1

False Accusation Leads to Murder

Lost Job After 22 1/2 Years

Looks Fair No Free Ride Anyway

A Call To Arms

Baby Angel Identified

Propane Suppliers Short Change Artists

House Speaker Pelosi Unaware of Torture


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