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A word that is loosing is meaning and women and the entertainment media are the primary cause. In a movie it is not uncommon to see a woman threaten to cry “rape” unless she gets her way. It is often used as “comic relief.” In life women will “cry rape” or some form there of like molestation because they did not get their way. Women want to know why “rape”s loosing its impact. Well here is one good example of a women in a group of 4 all who were intoxicated and were told by the cabbie that there is no smoking in a cab.

Glenn Sacks
Well he was not your ordinary cabbie, he carried his own dashboard camera.

Girls I am placing the blame for the increasing insensitivity by society for rape squarely where it belongs, at your feet.

When will the USA and Canada wise up and prosecute these false accusers and create a “False Accuser Registry?”

Yesterday, would not have been soon enough.


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