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Propane Suppliers; Short Change Artists



1) Retailers are putting 18lbs of gas in a 20lb tank:
A) This means that they are giving you 10% less gas
B) They are charging the same price
C) Propane prices dropped by 1/2
D) X number: propane cost $20.00 when it should be $10.00
E) So 18lbs of propane should cost $9.00
F) for F-U means that they are charging you 122.23% more than they should be

2) Obama wants us to use less gasoline so much so that he wants all cars to get 42MPG and that will add $1,300 per car
A) People have to now return to refill their propane 10% more often
B) This make all back yard BBQ’ers have to DRIVE 10% more often for propane
C) The government “Claims” it wants to limit our dependence on foreign oil

These 2 above points and sub points should lead the government to mandate (mind you I am no proponent for governmental medaling) that 20lb tanks be FILLED with 20lbs of gas to ease our dependence on foreign oil

This is a no-brainer brief.  If I die soon you will know that I have struck the wrong nerve with the Federal Government.  Ya just gotta love logic. LOL I mean really who is the goverment using in their think tanks? Kindergarners could have figured this out. Give me the job for Christs sake.


2 Responses to “Propane Suppliers; Short Change Artists”

  1. Found a great device that shows how much propane is in your tank, and if the propane tank you buy is “under-filled.” It’s called the Grill Gauge. Go to Propane companies like Blue Rhino and Amerigas ARE short-filling 20 lb. tanks to only 15.0 pounds!

  2. Chris,

    I think that I will leave up your advertisement because there is some good words of caution there, just do not gouge the people on my site and explain to them where the fill line typically is on a 20lb tank because of the necessity of needing a gas pocket in the tank.



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