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House Speaker Pelosi “Unaware of Torture”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was briefed in September 2002 on harsh interrogation techniques being used on terrorist suspects, but the records do little to settle a dispute over whether she knew waterboarding had already been used against one prisoner by then.

It may just be me but should not the 2nd person in line for the presidency be privy to such information? Was it that she was not told, she did not ask, or she did not want to know so she purposely did not ask (plausable deniability? One way or another it seems that she was negligent or willfully negligent. No matter how it seems that you can slice it seems she should be held accountable and not pass the buck to something that she willingly knew about or willingly ignored.

Is this just another case of female privilege and female discount? Right now it is looking that way. Time will tell, or will it? Perhaps that lace curtain will drop again for the protection of the privileged class of matriarchal political populace.

Nancy, at least I am watching you, very, very closely.


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