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Baby Angel Identified

Tyruss “Ty” Toribio was only three years old and according to mom Tiffany Toribio they were homeless.

I think I have started the second sentence 100 times and I just could not find the right words to express myself. So I am not going to try to explain how I feel about this boy and his mom. What I am going to do instead is be clinical, yes to selfishly save myself from overwhelming emotions regarding this case. I have too many emotions of my own personal nature to deal with right now as some of you may have read.

I would like to say before I continue that I am sorry for my method in addressing the “Baby Angel” case, again it is that human frailty thing again.

As far as the clinical aspect this quote

“For a mother to kill her own child is unfathomable. Most people can’t even imagine how you could even think about doing something like that,” said Cmdr. Michael Geier. “We’ll never really understand why that happened,”

is confusing to me. Any police officer should not be surprised by the fact that mom killed her child. Regarding the two parents, dad and mom, when a child is murdered by one of them 64+% of the time it is the mom. These are statical facts from the USDOJ. This makes the mom twice as likely the person of interest than the dad. This is one of the domestic violence and abuses dirty little secrets that the media and women’s rights groups attempt to keep under wraps.

This is just my opinion but in reality one would think that people would rally and lobby more for children than women. I am not saying that women are not important but they are adults and can take actions for themselves children on the other hand can not.

I have often said that what is not said by special interest groups more often than not is very telling about their true agenda. This is why I associate with people like Glenn Sacks because he addresses not just mens rights but does in fact concern himself with other interests including children and women. Not to go to far off on a tangent but Glenn, many of his readers and myself do speak about not just what men can do for themselves but women also which is often met with so much blind rage that these women cannot see that what we say can actually help them.

Back on topic. There were other options open to her. There are shelters, missions, adoption, the police. My God ask for help. States are tightening safe haven laws but there is still help out there to be had. I know I have been blessed with knowledge and access to information BUT she had to have street smarts to survive with a toddler and no home. Many times people with street smarts are more connected than many consider themselves. Just because some one is homeless it does not make them ignorant. I do not sell anyone short, this is where the proverb about assume must have come from, some college educated intellectual that cannot look beyond a persons appearance who is down on their luck.

Desperation is a scary emotion that we have to make clear to those that feel that way so that we as a community can help to abate these tragic events.



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