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Lost Job after 22 1/2 Years

I do not know how long that I can keep my Internet service, I am going to have to make cuts, I have 3 kids to feed. I am out of work and may not be able to stir the pot much longer. Just cut off my left had will you?

I may just have to stick around long enough to mount a campaign against my oppressors, the stuff that I have in my head is very dangerous. Once freed from my bonds that is work, they have actually created the most dangerous person alive . . . one who has nothing to loose.

See the worst of it is that my one daughter and my son have health problems that are going to become problematic without a prescription plan. As for me, well it will suffice to say that I have enough medical problems that without insurance . . . I will die . . .

I wonder who will meet these people in the after life? I am glad that I do not have to make that decision and I am glad that I am not them . . .

Game on . . . time will tell . . .


///\\\///\\\ UPDATE 05/21/2009 ///\\\///\\\

They say it takes a big man to admit when he is wrong, so that is what I am going to do. I sincerely apologize to anyone who felt alarmed. Chief, this is not about you.

OK, word has come to me that I made threats on my blog. The blog that I wrote above was a way for me to vent and intended no harm to anyone. I ask you to put yourself in my shoes before you judge. Try to imagine what it is like to worry about where your children will get their next meal from and how you will pay for their and your medication. If I am not here I cannot take care of my children. I am very dismayed and hurt, these are my feelings and I am going to deal with them as best as I can one day at a time. Things will get better. Do not get me wrong I am not excusing my behavior what I am doing is asking you to understand not just my human frailties but your own. What was said was written under these conditions. What was meant in the above is that I now have regained my first amendment right. I can now speak freely about those who I worked with, even though it seems that they have done this right along. However, I have no need these things seem to get out without me.

Good God people get off your media induced paranoid delusions. In my after life I do not want to have to answer for what ever you are imagining I am going to do, I am not going to do anything. This is no more and no less a statement that I have regained my First Amendment right, if I choose to use it. The funny thing is that if I were going to do it I would have done it here already. I find it fascinating some do not realize that though I am currently not working for the town I have the loyalty to keep all things out of print. So for whatever the reason I am still trying to be the better person, Lord knows that I do not have to be . . .

Threats . . . since when has anyone ever known me to hold back? I normally speak my peace, for those that know me I do not speak in riddles or hide my feelings. This was about venting which is a healthy thing to do for oneself, I urge others to try it, because those that repress their feelings are the people that I would be worried about. No good can come from repression of feelings. Does anyone watch the news? It is always the quiet ones that explosively release their emotions all at once with disastrous results. I am not the quiet one because it is healthy.

As far as those who felt threated by what I said you are not worth me throwing my life away on (I do not mean that as a personal slam it is just that I have to take better care of myself than to seek revenge and let that particular waste of time consume me). This is a valuable lesson that anyone could learn and my gift to you. Now it is up to you, you can choose to accept this gift or not.

I find writing very therapeutic, but that is my thing, find what works for you.

I hope this clarifies things, if not this is your issue not mine.


P.S. Do not worry about copying this it is not going to change or be removed because I feel that I have nothing to hide. The above was written in the wee hours of the morning shortly after this monumental life changing event, and again for those that cannot understand that I feel bad for you and hope you never have to go through what I am now. Today is today, the sun has come up for me and it is a beautiful day. With each passing day I am getting better, are you, or are you going harbor the same feelings from now to the end of time? There are many good people there to them I say take care of number one.

The best to all of you, and I hope that those who would like to stay in touch, do.

3 Responses to “Lost Job after 22 1/2 Years”

  1. Bernie: Hang in there – if you need anything, even someone to talk to about this – you know my number!

  2. While you’re taking care of #1, be careful not to step in #2. -Rod Dangerfield

  3. Friend,

    Very Nice!


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