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A Call to Arms

Here is a call to arms that I just received. I am obviously in no position to help financially in fact I am going to create a card and send it to this email (Edward Sauer) for his friend Jeff Snaza.

Look people I receive nearly 2,000 hits a month and although this is mostly about men’s rights and then other gripes I might have the other reason that I blog is for the humanity of social awareness especially locally. This is NOT about me, but rather about a well deserved soul and his family. I do not care what you think about me JUST DO THIS FOR HIM AND HIS!

I cannot, as I said do much for Jeff but with nearly 2,000 hits a month please I implore you to write and or email this much needed morale boost to a double public servant, a firefighter and a US soldier. If everyone sends this to just two people Jeff and his family should have more get well cards than they can handle. But let us do more and send this to everyone, be part of something special, it does not cost much and it will not take too much time. Much of the time we do not know what to do, where to look, and how to help, well for this man, the question has been answered. Please I beg you to share this site and specific blog OR copy and paste OR paraphrase and send to everyone on your email list.

This is such a little thing to ask of us for someone who has dome so much for us, especially with the up and coming Memorial Day Weekend. Be a Patriot!


Sent: 5/21/2009 5:02:02 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: FW: Firefighter/EMT Jeff Snaza needs our help

This is an electronic newsletter from the Erie County Department of Emergency Services Division of Fire Safety that is distributed to almost 2,000 first responders locally and across the nation. We apologize if you have received this e-mail in error or if you receive duplicate copies. To unsubscribe, please send an e-mail to and type UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject header. If you would like to subscribe other emergency services personnel, forward their names, agency name and e-mail addresses to

From: Sauer, Edward
Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 10:43 AM
Subject: My friend Jeff Snaza needs our help

My friend Jeff Snaza needs your help!!!

What if I told you, YOU can help make a man’s day a little brighter???? Would you do it?

Jeff was recently and unexpectedly admitted to Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) in Buffalo, New York. Jeff was found unresponsive at home and transported to the Buffalo General Hospital on April 29, 2009. He was then transferred to the ICU at RPCI where he was placed in a drug induced coma, intubated and placed on a ventilator, and given many IV medications. Jeff’s prognosis was hour by hour.

Jeff was diagnosed with Hemophagocytic Syndrome and had a massive infection. With his family and friends at his side, Jeff very slowly improved. He is still in critical condition although they are looking forward in weeks, no longer hours. Jeff has been receiving dialysis treatments and the infection has subsided. Jeff received a tracheotomy today and was able to nod his head yes and no. The Doctors requested his friends to continue to visit him as he is depressed.

Jeff is an active Air Force Reservist and was recently promoted to the position of Assistant Chief of Operations for the 914th Fire Department on the Niagara Falls Air Force Base. Jeff is also Past Chief of the Spring Brook Fire District #1 of the Town of Elma, past Assistant Disaster Coordinator for the Town of Elma, and Director of Operations of the Lancaster Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Jeff has given so much for so many, now it is our turn to give back.

Here’s how you can help. I want to start a Thinking About You/Get Well Card/Be Positive Campaign for him and his family to show him that he is not alone, that people still care about him, and that he has to remain positive. Even people that don’t know him, but might have some words of encouragement could help. Or you might know of someone who has fought the ‘BIG FIGHT’ and might be able to provide some words for thought/support.

If you choose to, mail a card to:
Mr. Jeff Snaza – Be Positive Campaign
C/O Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Snaza
120 S. Blossom Rd.
Elma, New York 14059

You may also email me at and I will print out your response and deliver them to Jeff and his family. I would like to thank all who have prayed and continue to pray for Jeff and his family. God bless you all.


2 Responses to “A Call to Arms”

  1. Here is a blast from the past for Jeff a.k.a “Snaza.” He and my older sister, Jackie, used to hang out together back in the day. He would also spend many hours playing cards with Hawk, my Mom, and me.

    Me, the annoying tween I was thought it was funny to keep stealing poor’s Jeff’s hat all the time. I am not sure how he put up with that, but he did. He had sooooo much patience! I am glad that Jeff is showing improvement. I hope he continues to be patient with himself and he allows his body to heal. He is in my thoughts and prayers!
    Take care!

  2. Thank you for posting this. I just found it surfing the net.

    Unfortunately, Jeff passed away on June 16, 2009. Jeff and his parents received an enormous amount of cards. I also printed out every email that I received and put it in a binder. Friends read them to Jeff while they visited.

    Thank you for all your support, well wishes, cards, and prayers. Jeff is looking down and protecting us from above. He will always be in my heart.

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