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False accusation leads to Murder

Did a false accusation of rape fuel murder? Anyone would be remiss if they did not at least consider the possibility.

I am not justifying any of the horrific actions here but one has got to wonder how much the false accusation of rape against Cesar Laurean
played in the murder of Maria Lauterbach.
A recent DNA test proved that he was not the father of the unborn child further proving Maria Lauterbach’s recant of the story about the rape was in fact the case, there was no rape.


3 Responses to “False accusation leads to Murder”

  1. The fact that he’s not the father proves nothing at all except…he’s not the child’s father. Oh by the way, he’s still a murdering POS.

  2. Richard,

    You do realize that she did recant the rape charge right? Some would make the argument that she may have been coerced to recant, what it does prove is that on the moment of conception Cesar Laurean was not responsible. Do not get me wrong I am not defending the man . . .


  3. Hey, that;s what Nancy Grace of CNN did to other victims which resulted in death. Time to lock her ass up before anymore victim’s lives are lost again.

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