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Discrimination 1; Kilt 1

Two different states two different rulings. It seems that a principal of a Utah school, Craig Jessop, has been asked to apologize to a 14-year-old student, Gavin McFarland for not only making him change out of his kilt bur for stating that it was inappropriat because people would believe that he was cross dressing.

WOW It is easy to argue that women who wear pants are cross dressing also. Where is the racial sencitivity that everyone is always talking about?

This is paticularly Ironic for where I live because recently in the Byron-Bergen School District a teacher wanted to go through a sex-change operation. NYS law dictates that the person wanting to undergo such an operation must live as the other sex for a year befor the operation. The school is allowing the teacher to dress as a woman, and when parents complained the school systems stance was that no student would be transfered out of his class for the reason that the teacher was cross-dressing.

Left hand, right hand, can we get every law on the same page please? Yet ignorance of the law is no excuse but ignorant conflicting laws are OK. No wonder why no one knows what is legal or not.




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