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Ignorance is Bliss and Tolerance Mimics Ignorance

I came across this gem of a story about the great white insensitive oppressors known as frats. Trust me I am not fan of frats but right is right and wrong is wrong and I will defend those who have been wronged.


If I were ignorant I would not have recognized a problem and would have merrily gone on with my life after the discovery of this article. Fortunately or unfortunately I am not ignorant and recognize the hypocrisy running rampant in this article that is insensitive to no one but the white community. Insensitivity and intolerance is insensitivity and intolerance NO MATTER WHO IT IS DIRECTED AT.

Let us see the frat was FORCED to end its tradition on some campuses because of racial insensitivity. I do not read anywhere where the Kappa Alpha’s are forcing blacks to join them yet people are indirectly forcing the Kappa Alpha’s to support or agree with the Alpha Kappa Alpha’s by omission. My God Confederate uniforms and hoop skirts are soooooo offensive. An Alpha Kappa Alpha alumna admits that these kids were not trying to be racist but believes that they were being insensitive. I guess that this would require cognizance. They did not display this BUT the Alpha Kappas knew exactly what they were doing, which means cognoscente and purposely. Soooo which group is wrong and insensitive? It is the group that knew what they were doing to limit tradition, freedom, and targeted a specific race and understood the broad implications of what they were doing. It would be fool hardy to say that I am wrong.

A petition of 71? Let me say that again a petition of 71?! That can be hardly be called a list. So the white people must stop something (right or wrong this is America and you are allowed to be right or wrong unless you are white) that has been a continued tradition since 1863 yet we are bombarded by a tradition of Kwanzaa that is a long standing tradition since what 1969? Yep the “roots” (pun intended) run deep here.

The Auburn University chapter stopped is parades because black students confronted them. Does anyone understand the meaning of “confrontation.” It has negative connotations. The confrontational people are the ones who are wrong and those who were not had to stop what they were doing . . . um, yeah right. Am I the only one in the world who sees the problem with this?!? I have to ask and wonder what would happen if a bunch of white people confronted a bunch black people celebrating the exclusive black history month, black pride, Kwanzaa, or any of the other black only celebrations. Why is it that what is celebratory for the black community is not racist in the white community? I am sure that no one has ever seen a huge banner for some black celebration. PC is wrong, racist, and sexist, get use to it. There is no such thing as a compromise in a PC world.

The next point is the biggest joke that has ever existed. I quote Claudia Shamp.

“The elimination of the Confederate uniforms has helped. They have taken away some of the visual stimuli that led to rage and anger on some people’s part,” said Shamp, who oversees Greek life at Georgia.”

This is the same state in which the black community was so upset by the Confederate battle flag being incorporated on the state flag that the black community designed a new flag. This new flag looks almost identical to the “Stars and Bars” which was the original flag of the Confederacy. How on earth can anyone be upset about the battle flag and not the flag of the Confederacy? This proves to me that there are people out there that just want to stir the pot and have no real offended bone in their body, OR they have no clue about that of which they speak.

Let us not put the numbers into perspective. A petition of 71 = 0.284% of the student body. Is this anything to be concerned about? NO. In fact a resounding no! There is no way to please everyone and I would bet that if an honest survey were taken about anything that you would have more than a 0.284% unapproved rating which in reality means that this very small percentage of people are opportunists making something out of nothing.


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