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Work and Disproportionate and Unequal Discipline

I know it does not happen to everyone but if you put your personal feelings aside I am sure that everyone knows someone who fits into this category. There is a person where you work that is under the microscope that draws discipline like a ferrous metal to a magnet. Invariably this person who is not well liked for one reason or another such as they have a life outside of work and they do not have time to or money to “socialize” after work. Perhaps they also see that the work rules are not being distributed equally and has dialogged this concern. Perhaps there are people that use their position to fulfill their vengeful vendetta. This is highly unprofessional.

These things become very interesting when the administration will not accept a letter from a doctor that has been introduced into evidence. Hey, is this illegal?!?! Things that make you say hmmm.

It is funny that I never really understood the expression that “the truth is stranger than fiction” until these truths once observed are self-evident and that these truths just cannot be fabricated because no one has that creative of an imagination. Examples abound everywhere I look. Fabricating what an employee has done or not done so that the direct supervisor is not responsible for their forgetfulness or wrong doing. The employee having a witness to the done or not done action and then trumping up charges against the witness because this made them an accomplice to that thing done or not done when the responsibility rested wholly with the supervisor. Then the supervisor falsifying a state document to further bury their error, then the supervisors supervisors advising this person to white out the falsehoods on the state document so that they could punish the accused (because the falsehoods would have removed what was asserted as wrong) and also to remove the dire wrong doing by the supervisor in falsifying a state document. White out?!?! Yeah, if I was a state inspector I would not question that documentation.

The world of employee employer relationships is a difficult one at best for the employee. If the employee points out what is being done wrong then they become the troublemaker and a target. If they do not then they become the scapegoat because they knew and did not say anything. What is an employee to do? Perhaps they would . . . oh . . . I do not know . . . blog about it?!?!

It has never ceased to amaze me that it is not a defense to bring up that all the other employees have done or not done exactly the same thing(s) and to a worse degree and they have not been disciplined for it. There are only a coupe of retorts that the administration says to this and they are:

1) We are talking about you now
Yep that is a good one, it has been ignored for others but not you

2) That is not a defense
Of course unequal enforcement is not criminal or a violation of civil rights

3) Everybody deals with that
Yeah, that is why it is called unequal or disproportionate.

4) Your file is thicker than anyone else’s
This is one of my favorites (Um, no kidding was it not asserted that punitive discipline is being handed out disproportionately and unequally?! DUH)

5) I can write you up for this because I am telling you what the contract means
This is a good one also, the contract guarantees you a right and when you do it you are wrong and written for it to make your file thicker.

6) How would you know if they were dicipined or not. We do not make it public record.
Um they do on schedules and it states why they are not at work and face it, every place of employment is like a Payton Place and everybody eventually finds out everything, it is human nature.

None of these things of course make for a hostile work environment . . .

Everybody has been misinformed about many things in this world, one of them being what I have to say about the above situations.

As an English teacher once said in one of my classes while we were being taught about double negatives making a positive and a student raised the question about double positives being a negative and the teachers response being that double positives do not make a negative . . . from the back of the room came a clear voice of reason that said and I quote “Yeah, . . .right!”

So to the above situations at your or my work I say “Yeah, . . . right!”


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