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The Village that Raised Us . . .

This country is using what I call “GENERATIONAL DILUTION” of everything from morals, laws, and freedoms. My theory “Generational Dilution” is in brief that the people and the government (which I thought we were the government under a republic) are removing morals, rights, and freedoms so gradually that is to say so few every generation that no one is noticing. We have a whole generation of kids that do not realize that at one time you could ride a bike without a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, steer the car from the backseat standing up with you arms over your fathers shoulders or sitting in his lap.  You could get into a fight and win or loose your mom scorned and doctored you and you father hoped you learned something and might have even laughed or praised you (there was no fear of a lawsuit from the looser, no police involvement). Fights were almost always “CLEAN.”  You could bring a pocket knife to school and for some a gun (we had rifle clubs you know).  You could have you ass whipped if you done something disrespectful or something like, oh I do not know . . . soaking a sponge in mud and throwing it a neighbors window to have it stick.  The neighbor would scold you then would grab you, drag you home where you would get it twice as bad.  Any adult in the neighborhood if they saw you doing something wrong (and wrong back then was kicking over garbage cans) could yell at you ask you your name (if they did not know you) and address and then notify you parents and they would discipline you and not come over to your house and say what in the hell are you scolding my kid for!?!?!?

Kids had OUTDOOR gym in school quite frequently and no, boys were not put on Ritalin because they were rambunctious, because that is what NORMAL boys are, RAMBUNCTIOUS! It was better to SEE them that way and let them burn off their energy than to confine it and wonder where they are being rambunctious out of view.

We were, all of us, in the village that raised a child, now that does not exist and look at the problems kids have today.
People are like leading the sheep to the lion, they give up on fighting the unjust restrictions in our life ESPECIALLY if it does not affect them. What they do not realize is that once that foot is in the door you are going tobuy a new vacuum or Fuller Brush (Am I dating my self? LOL). I do not know about your state but in NY adults have to wear helmets in county and state parks so trickle down of the  helmet law happened. So just remember if you are a woman and are legally riding a bicycle TOPLESS in a NYS PARK MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A HELMET ON OR YOU WILL RECEIVE A TICKET FOR N O HELMET. This is no lie both of the laws exist together!!!!!!!!!

People are all so complacent that they believe that one law cannot hurt . . . but it is one here one there and eventually you end up with a generational dilution.

There are also the people that say you cannot change it or one person like me cannot make a difference. Well to them I proclaim loudly “YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!” Wake up America. We need to take back our country “of the people, by the people” and not allow it to perish from this earth, the last part is our responsibility, and one that I am sad to say does not seem to be within the American people to prevent from extinction.


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