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Bernie Discusses Curtis Sliwa on “The Right Perspective”

I was invited to “The Right Perspective” by “the Newsguy” and I thoroughly enjoyed my short stint with Frank from Queens and John of Staten Island. Now, I am not normally this brutal in public debates but you just gotta love these New Yorkers, and every time I visit the city it takes me about 1 second to get back into my “Flatbush” persona from the summers that I spent there with my grandma and this guys can drag the New Yorker out of anyone. So I went overboard, everyone needs to over indulge themselves once in awhile.

If you care to listen to our comments about the Sliwa sexist pandering to the matriarchal Munchausen’s menopause manor you can listen and download if you wish here. Then scroll down to “The Sliwa Truth!” and click “Right Click and “Save As….” to Download”

Hope you enjoy it I know I had WAY TOO much fun with it.


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5 Responses to “Bernie Discusses Curtis Sliwa on “The Right Perspective””

  1. Very rational and coherent, Bernie, i wasn’t expecting that. By the way,this is your idea of going overboard?

  2. Michael,

    Yeah, I do not like to be so critical of a person who is not there to defend themselves. I prefer to address the issues rather than the person in an open public forum regardless whether they deserve it or not. Believe me when I say that there are plenty of things that could be said about me. I guess the differences is that I try to recognize my faults and attempt to fix them, although I am not always successful.

    Thank you for the complement and support!


  3. I had too much fun with the pickel eating contest. LOL, of course I really would razz anyone about that including friends.


  4. […] Bernie Discusses Curtis Sliwa on “The Right Perspective” […]

  5. Funny how Frank from Queens keeps deleting my post and doesn’t want the truth to come out. Read about his past buddy and the things he talks about
    Curtis should apply to this guy, correct?

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