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Shot Glass Prom Favors

Shot glasses ordered as prom favors
A step down from picture frames and money clips?

LITITZ, Pa. – A Pennsylvania high school ordered more than 450 shot glasses for its prom, a move the assistant principal now says sent the wrong message.

As the Warwick High School students left last week’s dance, the prom committee handed them souvenir shot glasses. The girls who attended last year’s prom got a picture frame; the boys, a money clip.

Assistant Principal Scott Galen says: “Unfortunately, this year the junior class didn’t have quite as much money.”

Galen says that the principal signed off on the purchase order, but that paperwork simply said “prom souvenir” and didn’t identify the mementos as shot glasses. Galen says he’s certain this will never happen again.

The school is in Lancaster County, about 65 miles east of Philadelphia.


I encourage everyone to email the principal letters of encouragment and support.

Mr Brian Ginter,

I am not a man of wealth and fame. Our cross-country vacations are done by camping. We have 3 children and could not afford expensive or large souvenirs so my son and I started collecting shot glasses for mementos. These can range from 2 -3 dollars and as high as 8 – 10 dollars. There is no message that we are sending my son other than frugality and space conservation in a ranch house.

These kids done good . . . they lived within their means which is more than I can say for our government and many credit bound Americans including my wife and I because of both of us being laid off for more than a half a year.

These kids are to be commended not condemned so are their teachers and parents, they obviously taught them well on economics a valuable skill in these uncertain times.


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From : Brian Ginter
To : bernie
Subject : Re: Shot Glasses
Date : Mon, May 11, 2009 10:53 AM

I appreciate the support


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