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Miss California Keeps Crown

Carrie Prejean gets to keep her crown! It is nice to know that Donald Trump is fair across the board. He has over looked other things before like drug addiction. It is interesting to see the California officials do a 180* from yesterday. Apparently they did not have Donald Trump’s blessings on yesterdays press conference.

Congratulations Carrie Prejean and thank you Donald Trump for remaining fair across the board.


2 Responses to “Miss California Keeps Crown”

  1. I think Donald Trump made the right decision. she was asked a difficult question by a person with an agenda. It was not fair to her, and Mr. Trump has decided that in all fairness this woman would not be cruicified for being honest.
    Next, …I hope trump nixes any further contact Perez Hilton has with the pagents…he has an agenda and he is not appropriate for the pagents.

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