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Can You Say Racist and Impeachment?

Apparently NOT. It seems that as long as you are not white you do not have to step down from any position for racist remarks. Here is one example:

Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida’s 3rd district Corrine Brown on February 25, 2004 said to Noriega and Cuban-American Representative Lincoln Diaz-Balart that “you all look alike to me”.


Brown later apologized for her statements, but still contends that President Bush’s involvement in the 2004 Haiti Rebellion was racist.

Pot meet Kettle

On November 3, 2008, while attending a Barack Obama rally in Jacksonville, Brown was interviewed by two college journalists about her comments concerning George W. Bush, and whether he should be impeached. Brown had no comment about her previous statements and was quoted as saying, “it won’t matter soon.”

WHAT exactly did she mean by that?!?! That does work on several levels.

I do not think because of past practice censure or impeachment is not out of line.

The lack of attention that these incidents received is baffling considering the careers of several men were ruined by innocent and factual statements that had no malice intended like Howard Cosell and Jimmy the Greek.



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